Mid Atlantic Scooter Racing Commission

2010 March 12
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by Ellen

MASRA  is getting the scooter racing noticed is the US . They are a group of scooter techs , shop owners , scooter owners and engine builders that are working on getting scooter racing sanctioned in the US.  They also are providing tracks and track time that we can race on in the Mid Atlantic States and are also looking for tracks and sponsors and shop owners that want to get involved in this huge venture to bring scooter racing to the US and get it as popular as it is overseas .

MASRC membership currently is free and entitles you to enter scooter race meetings. With your membership card you will receive a set of race entry forms, a calendar of our events, a copy of our current regulations (you can also download these from this site) and after every race meeting you will receive a newsletter and set of results. Note – you need to be a member of MASRC to apply for your SRC Championship series scooter racing licence. The cost of the licence is $25 per season. You do not need the licence to race and practice.  It is only for those competing in the Championship Series for point standings for the year

Their first big race day will be on March the 27th at Sandyhook Speedway in Street, Md and are expecting a great turn out. They will have classes in the races for beginners and pros , so anyone can race. Gates will open at 8am and practice till 1pm and than racing till 6pm.  There is a gate fee of $5 person to watch the racing. If anyone is interested in racing the fee is $63 for all day and you can race in any class as much as you like. In between each scooter race there will be kart racing .This is also a great show to watch,  it is like mini NASCAR racing. So the day is full of events. There is also a con-session stand with great food for all that need it .   This is a great family event.  Anyone who wants to set up a booth for vending can also contact  them for more info.

For more information, check out:   Mid Atlantic Scooter Racing Commission

This seems like a lot of fun.  All I need is a racing scooter and some sponsors… Hum…..  :)

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