Exhaust Fragrance

2010 May 17
by Ellen

Exhaust fragrances are a blast to use and will really give anyone riding near you a treat. A must for scooter rallies or that Sunday ride with friends.  These Fragrances are intended to set you apart from the rest and sure to be a crowd pleaser.  I pulled into the company motorcycle lot last week and the guy parking next to me says.. “I smell grapes” 

You can find more fragrances at Manhattan Oil

I’d like to thank Steve Guzman of TheScooterScoop for sending me a sample of Groovy Grape!

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  1. May 21, 2010

    I hope this stuff smells as stated on the bottle. I’ve spent lots of time riding behind someone who used a 2-stroke oil that is touted as smelling like strawberries, but it smelled like plain ol’ 2-stroke oil to me…

    Scootin’ Old Skool

  2. Ellen permalink*
    May 21, 2010

    It definitely smells like grape. I’ve heard of the Strawberry Ipone oil. Never had the opportunity to take a whiff though.

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