We Don't Ride On The Back - We Ride Our Own!
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You've been asking, and here they are, Divas!  Beautiful embroidered patches that proclaim our message:

"We don't ride on the back - We ride our own!

Let the world know you're a proud ScooterDiva.  These 3 1/2" round patches have an iron-on backing, or can be sewn on any shirt, jacket, messenger bag. Click on images for more detail.

Water-resistant 3" round stickers can be applied to any smooth surface:  helmet, scooter, car, etc. 

Proceeds from the sale of these items help support our Scooter Diva website.

Order by clicking on the BUY NOW button at the bottom of this page which will bring you to our Paypal page.  NOTE: Please ignore the name SpoildRottnPets on the Paypal header. That just happens to be our Paypal business name!

The price?  $10.00 for a set of both:  a patch and a sticker.  Shipping is included.
(if you want more than one set, please order the number of sets you want).
Scooter Diva Patch
Scooter Diva Sticker
3 1/2" Patch
3" Sticker



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