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Winterizing Your Scooter

Ahhh, autumn! Leaves are turning, the air is cool, crisp and invigorating, and some of the best riding weather of the year is here for us to enjoy. But as the weeks progress, the brisk clear breezes become a cold biting wind. Those colorful leaves are now matting on the road, wet and slippery, making the possibility of unexpected skids a real threat. Numbness nips at our fingers and toes, and no matter how many layers we throw on, it’s just cold and miserable for riding. At this point, you begin to think about tucking your scooter away for the winter, until the weather once again allows you to enjoy your rides. It’s time to winterize.

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2013-2014 Progressive International Motorcycle Shows Schedule Released

It’s official, the 2013-2014 IMS schedule is out and there are some big changes. The biggest change is that we’re coming to Phoenix, AZ this January. As one of the nation’s largest metropolitan areas with great all year riding weather, we’re excited to be coming back to Arizona. The New York Motorcycle Show is also being moved to December, so mark your calendars. You can view the complete schedule by clicking here.

So you want to buy a scooter?

Ok, so you've been bitten by the scooter bug. YOU WANT TO BUY A SCOOTER. All around you are CHOICES. Everything you read, everyone you talk to, just conspires to confuse the issue more and more. Where? How? Which one? How much??..... the questions are endless. Where do you start?

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You and Your Scooter Riding Tips


Rider Safety

If you are new to scooters or even if you have been riding for years, we recommend taking the Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) Rider Course.
You'll be safer and more confident and secure. In most states, the MSF Rider Course qualifies graduates for a motorcycle license test waiver and may also result in lower insurance premiums.
To sign up for a Motorcycle Safety Foundation Rider course in your area or to request information,
call (800) 446-9227 or visit



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