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Scooter Help.com
Just Gotta Scoot
Ride To Work.Org
NHTSA Helmet Compliance Testing
US State Laws

How To Pick Up a Fallen Scooter
Rons Safe Scootering

Scoot! Buyers Guide
Scoot! Magazine Buyers Guide

International Scooterist BBS
Modern Vespa
Modern Buddy
Urban Scootin
Scoot Dawg
Scooter Chick.Co.UK
Scooter-Forums.com (UK)
Easy Peasey Scooter Posse
ScootMA (MA)
NY Scooter Forum
Scoot Pinellas (Pinellas County FL)

Scooter Blogs
Scooter In The Sticks
The Scooter Scoop

The Scooter Diva Blog
2 Stroke Buzz
Scooter Swag
Scooter Fan
Scooter Therapy
Scooter Lust
Skootin' Old Skool

Scooter Clubs
NY Scooter Club
Vespa Club of America
Vespa Club of Britain
Vespa Club of Canada
Vespa Club de France
Scoot Free or Die SC (NH)
Mass Conn Fusion SC (CT & MA)
Hooters on Scooters (Tulsa)
SASS - Smart Ass Scooter Sisters (Austin, TX)
Metro Betties SC (Lehigh Valley, PA - Mobile, AL)
Mad Toto SC (Kansas City)
Killer Bees SC (Ft Collins, CO)
Damsels In Distress SC (N. Ireland)

Northwest Suburban SC (NW Chicago)
Baltimore Bombshells
Roanoke Valley Scooter Club
South East Florida Scooter Yahoo Group
Scoot Pinellas (Pinellas County, FL)
St. Pete Slowpokes (St. Petersburg, FL)

St. Louis Scooter Club (St. Louis, MO)

Group Ride Information
AMA - Group Riding
Riding Etiquette
Riding Safely in a Group

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